I am Shruti a Communication Designer with over 5+ years of experience currently located in Beautiful Vancouver. I am at the end of my two year Masters in Design program at Emily Carr University and am due to finish this May, 2018. My research project deals with the redesign of a popular Indian game that aims to elicit discussion on issues affecting marginalised women in contemporary Indian society and hopes to challenge the status quo. 

As a designer I effortlessly traverse between designing for print, web and mobile apps. Strong conceptualization is the foundation of my work. I am proficient at branding, marketing collateral, publication design, wedding invites and website design. I extensively use the Adobe suite and I am fluent with industry standards and specifications. 

My experience of working with teams and independently has honed my skills at being an able communicator. I have singularly managed design projects overseas through email and skype. Thank you for stopping by, I hope we work together sometime.